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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Iron Age Items found of the British Celts

Items found of the Celts in Iron Age period.

A Carnyx - a wind instrument used like a trumpet of the iron Age Celts.  They say this type was used between 300 BCE to 200 CE.  Most were made of bronze.  They were so intricate and the mouth pieces were styled in the shape of animal heads.  It was most likely used in warfare, or to announce a Chieftain when they were ceremoniously brought in according to rank to a feast.  This would be an instrument to frighten the other troops or to inspire the tribes but definately loud so the warriors could hear across the field. Here is an exact replica of one found in Deskford, Banffshire at the Scottish museum.
[Image]Spear heads - this was the main weapon although many today love to carry the swords, they were not actually the common weapon of that period.  Here are some examples of the shape of them from the Iron age.  This first one was found Traprain Law in East Lothian.  It dates from between 0 and 400 AD.[Image]

 [Image]These ones are from the British museum.

More coming soon........

by Brahva Cwmevos
Copyright March 26th, 2012

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