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Hello there! We are a modern day Northern European Style tribe called Maers Khohias. We are of both Norse and Celtic decent here. Come sit. Warm yourself by our fire!! We want you to feel at home as we share some of our Celtic tribe's hospitality. Come. Join in our sitting circle, round the central cauldron and have something to eat, in our Celtic round house. Once fed, sit back, relax, read and listen to some of our stories. Here you will find great information, taking you back in time to meet the ancestors.

If you have the opportunity to come in person to Crawford Bay, BC and take in our courses taught at our school, you'll hear more information, on the Celts and the Vikings, not shared here, as well as live music. We'd love to hear your stories too!!

In no time, you'll be dancing, sharing some good mead or ale and adding to the rooms boasts and toasts.
We Northern European Celts and Vikings are waiting for you.

Having and event? We offer lots of props to choose from as well as great musicians and entertainers. This will be the icing for your Celtic or Viking medieval style event. Need some costumes or warrior gear? We shall help you there too. ... Or Maybe you are the studious type and want to study Celtic ritual, dance, music and beliefs, or have a you have a gift. If so you might want to take a course from our Druid/Bard schools. See here.


About Me

About Me

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I wanted to share my knowledge of 30 years (2010) of studying pagan religions, with the last 10 years exclusively about the Celts, with the public before it was lost. 
My main way of sharing is through my store called 'The Celts and Vikings Store.  I found lots of wonderful items that are not easy to find and brought them to the public to share.  There are some wonderful replica finds at my store and some of the items I carry at the Celts and Vikings Store are designed and handcrafted from scratch by talented artisans who also love the Northern European tribal traditions of our Ancestors.  
My goal is to support Canadian and American entrepreneurs or small businesses instead of big corporations. We treat all our customers like family, so please don't be afraid to share your opinion, even if it differs, or to ask a question about the Celts to our scholars here! At the store, our specialty is providing hard to find and unique items that you won't find in mainstream stores! All our products will make super conversation pieces! Our store has services to inspire and help create your magical Celtic themed event, ritual or decor.
And lastly, I also have some Bardic tales, on my other blog, full of Celtic riddle and rich in symbols.  Some are written by me and others by the storytellers of my tribe, and some of the ancient myths and our views on interpreting them.
I look forward to creating a great relationship with all of you who share my fire.
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