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Hello there! We are a modern day Northern European Style tribe called Maers Khohias. We are of both Norse and Celtic decent here. Come sit. Warm yourself by our fire!! We want you to feel at home as we share some of our Celtic tribe's hospitality. Come. Join in our sitting circle, round the central cauldron and have something to eat, in our Celtic round house. Once fed, sit back, relax, read and listen to some of our stories. Here you will find great information, taking you back in time to meet the ancestors.

If you have the opportunity to come in person to Crawford Bay, BC and take in our courses taught at our school, you'll hear more information, on the Celts and the Vikings, not shared here, as well as live music. We'd love to hear your stories too!!

In no time, you'll be dancing, sharing some good mead or ale and adding to the rooms boasts and toasts.
We Northern European Celts and Vikings are waiting for you.

Having and event? We offer lots of props to choose from as well as great musicians and entertainers. This will be the icing for your Celtic or Viking medieval style event. Need some costumes or warrior gear? We shall help you there too. ... Or Maybe you are the studious type and want to study Celtic ritual, dance, music and beliefs, or have a you have a gift. If so you might want to take a course from our Druid/Bard schools. See here.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Maers Khohias Tribe

Our tribe is waiting for the world to awaken and learn that Barter and trade system must come back or we will kill every country and we are just starting to see the results now.   Money trading hurts more and more people everyday and it isn't even real in the first place.  Once you get that, that sharing and equality is the way to go, then our tribe is waiting for you.  Hierarchy is necessary but not in the way of power over.  We know that the world is all one people and we are very much connected to nature and its resources.  Our tribe focuses on similarities and what we can share, not what we can get from each other.  learn from each other.  We accept all cultures, genders and sexual preferences.

We wish to grow and heal the world.  One person at a time. 

If you start your own Northern European tribe, count on years of paperwork & study as you must classify & symbolize the natural world around you so the source (or mother will know how your group) chooses to read a sign when given.  Or you can make it simple, join and learn from the 30 years of expertise of the Maers Khohias Tribe planning to spread all embracing spiritualism worldwide!!


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